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Les Sorcières

“… Everywhere draw up obstacles: recalcitrant walls, bugs which fold, desiccated or yellowed wallpaper, balls of wadding, buttons of doors and switches which are detached, less idyllic sights, price tickets, strange printings, etc...”
Hans Theys – Catalogue “Les Maternelles”

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“… After having visited several schools, I started to identify recurrent themes: sheeps covered with wadding, prints of hands plunged in very coloured painting, hearts painted on the windows, …”
Koen Theys – Introduction dans le catalogue “Les Maternelles”.

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“… They are still lives swarming with details and signs recurring often in his work: the house, the double, the hung, the metal grid -, without human presence strictly speaking, neither child, nor adult, but simply the traces of their acts and their presence …”
Ghislaine Pinassaud – Galerie Xippas, Paris

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“…But it is in the fragments selected that he transforms these places of life sound in quiet theaters of cruelty…”
Michel Guerrin – Le Monde

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“… Sometimes funny details but more often distressing. It is known for a long time that these dear blond little children can be filled of phantasms of a great violence…”

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“… Theys concentrates on the way the creative expressions of the children overgrow the classrooms…”
Marc Ruyters - Financiel Economische Tijd

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“… Fortunately, the children often overflow the imposed framework, and offer to reality a shifted glance, a charming, divergent or convergent strabism…”
(-) ADEN (Le Monde)

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“… No esthetic ambition thus chaired the realization of these photos and it is certainly what makes their force…”

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“… The most glaring colour combinations and almost pornographic pictorial associations suggest a world of latent fear and terror, though also one of unconscious humour and unintentional surrealism…”
Johan Pas - catalogue STILL/LIFE Rockoxhuis, Antwerp

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