Diana (1984)


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25.34 min.
PAL – color – stereo
Orig. version: Dutch

With: Christine Van Loon, a.o.
Camera: Koen Theys
Editing: Koen Theys
Sound: Drem Bruinsma & Koen Theys
Production: Beursschouwburg, Brussels

In another home movie by Adolf Hitler, one can see Eva Brown playing naked in a lake near a waterfall. This video is inspired by those images.

Diana is the Greek-Roman goddess of fertility and war, but also known as the goddess of the hunt. She runs naked through the dunes with her bow. Her sensual body appears above violent hunting-scenes, processions of boys and sacred rituals in which the purity of Diana is glorified. These images are mixed with found-footage of the second worldwar. Already a classic tape about eroticism, violence and religion.

… Koen Theys portrays a picture, even when representing the program of Myth. His work is not only emotional but intelligent as well…”
Jury Club Monte Vérità – press text

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“… Koen Theys not only received the price ‘Club Monte Vérità’, but his work was unanimously recognized by the international jury as a masterpiece. …”
Stephan Degreef – Andere Sinema

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“… Life and death, Eros and Thanatos are very intimately interwoven in this ‘tableau’ …”
Eric de Moffarts - Vidéodoc

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“… The spectator is not only provoked to perceive the reality of evil in front of his eyes – at the end Theys shows an almost classical redemption scene -, it also seems like if the loss of reality in an age of information technology can only be rehabilitated in this way …”
Chris Dercon - ARTEFACTUM

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“ This tape was the break-through of Koen Theys on national and international level…”

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