Fanfare, Calme et Volupté (2007)

Video installation for 1 projector & 1 flatscreenmonitor (synchronised)
2 X 42.48 min. (loop)
HDV – color – silent

Director of Photography: Rutger Debrabandere
Camera: Koen Theys
With: La Fanfare des Marolles & ses Majorettes - La Fanfare La Semeuse
Editing: Koen Theys
Executive producer: Jeanne Boute
Production: Les Brigittines

Musicians and majorettes, seemingly dressed up for a public performance, are sound asleep. They have their brass instruments with them, but their drowsiness prevents them from playing. Time is suspended in this ’tableau vivant’ and the tiniest gesture of one of the sleeping majorettes becomes an event, creating a tension in the image that contrasts with its picturesque composition.
On the flatscreenmonitor one can see the total view of the scene, while on the projection details of that same scene appear

“The installation Fanfare, Calme & Volupté belongs to a group of works in which Koen Theys refers to the big traditions in art history. …”
Ulli Lindmayr – presstext LLS gallery

entire article (NL)

“ … Completely nothing happens, there is no sound, but because of that the small mouvements of the figures receive a fascinating weight. …”
Marc Holthof - <H>art

Entire article (NL)

Installation view

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