Starring (2003)


installation view



Video installation for 1 projector
14.00 min. (loop)
PAL – color – silent

Realisation & production: Koen Theys
assistance: Dimitri Riemis
Co-production: ministerie van de Vlaamse Gemeenschap

The images for this video were taken from famous filmposters, coming as well from European production companies as from Hollywood or Bollywood companies.

… Can a moviestar be an ‘image’ of his/its time? Does current popular culture has a sufficient scope to acquire perpetuity value?...”
Georges Goffin - KdG informatieblad

Entire article (NL)

“… The blood-serious cool with which the actors stare straight ahaid, involves the spectator as public - or even as a victim - at the video…”
Dries Vande Velde - KUNST NU

Entire article (NL)

“… These faces display an exceptionally intense expression (rage, fear, suspicion, etc.). At first sight the faces appear static, but then it turns out that they are slowly getting bigger and appear to come closer…”
Dries Vande Velde - presstext SMAK

Entire article (EN)

“ … These transformations are disturbing, fascinating, disrupting our senses; they work our imaginations, question the representation, the image, the icon. …”
Marc Mercier – Bref

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