The Thousand Faces of God (2001)

Video installation for 1 projector
17.00 min. (loop)
PAL – color - silent

Realisation & production: Koen Theys

Different images of gods of all possible religions morph one into another as to unite in an always transforming new religion.

“… In The Thousand Faces of God, Koen Theys is in search of a true god by comparing fictitious images of gods with each other and overlapping them figuratively to come to a powerful symbiosis …”
Luk Lambrecht – De Morgen

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“… The project's technical complexity vanishes behind the modesty of its conception and the powerful simplicity of its unifying message, which is mesmerizing, and a rare pleasure to behold….”
Sarah McFadden – The Bulletin

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“… This process of contraction, admirably controlled, confiscates time, space and condenses a matter touching more with the surreality than with the corporality. Overwhelming.”
Claude Laurent – La Libre Belgique

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