Mouvement Académique (2000)

Video installation for 1 projector
6.52 min. (loop)
PAL – color - silent
Specifications: The projected image should touch the floor.

Realisation: Koen Theys
Production: VOTNIK

The images used in this work are scanned from a book called ‘Nues pour artistes ’(‘Nudes for artists’). Using morph-effects and digital multiplication of the image, the figures are moving in a small ‘art-history ballet’. At certain moments they express a kind of classical beauty, but at other moments they become Francis Baconlike monsters.

… They multiply ad infinitum, repeating the same unconscious attitudes insatiably, and are transformed into hybrid monsters contaminated by the contractual arrangements of the academism.”
Ghislaine Pinassaud - Galerie XIPPAS

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“… From the figure of the discus pitcher to that of the thinker inter alia, the bodies are demolished then are recomposed in a slow multiplication, passing by a transitory stage rather in short which temporarily brings back these naked bodies to simple clusters of flesh…”
Eric Vidal – ParisART

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 “… And in the same way as the classic saints, the lives of the academy nudes and Hollywood actors are reduced to those few elements which enable them to become a convention in the framework of general and art history…”
Dries Vande Velde - presstext SMAK, Ghent

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“Strong point is the measured tempo, …”
Els Fiers – Focus Knack

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"… The work of Koen Theys entitled Academic Movement (2000) is exemplary in this respect: it shows the figural fluidity of an imagination that could be video…"
Sophie-Isabelle Dufour – L’image vidéo/d’Ovide à Bill Viola

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