Death Fucking Metal (2013)

Video Installation for 1 projector.
119.12 min (loop) Full HD – color – stereo

Concept & Realization: Koen Theys
Curator SMAK: Thibaut Verhoeven
With: Jakke Anthonis, Wim Calluy, Frank Castelyns, David Davidse, Maurice De Grauwe, Amar Delaere, Guy Dermul, Jan De Smet, Isabel Devriendt, Raf De Weerdt, Katrien Fermont, Eddy Gabriël, Bert Ghysels, Marja Hoes, Snake Lemmens, Ludo Mich, Vanne Opdebeeck, Ria Pacquée, Marc Poukens, Annemie Steeman, Luc Van Acker, Alain Vanassebroeck, Päul ‘Shorty’ Van Camp, Roland Van Campenhout, Bernard van Eeghem, Dirk Van Hecke, Frank Vranckx, Guy Willekens, Willy Willy
Camera: Wim Catrysse, Ilke De Vries, Glenn Geerinck, Azylis Roman, Frank Theys, Koen Theys, Ben Van den Berghe
Light: Wannes Budts (DM Concepts)
Sound: Wannes Vertommen (DM Concepts)
Set Design: Bert Leysen, Dries Dejonghe (Omgevingen)
Assistants Set Design: Wim Calluy, Katinka De Jonge, Raphaël Molinel, Daan Verzele
Make-up: Kaatje Van Damme
Assistants Make-up: Rachel Beeckmans, Virginie Berland, Marie Brabant, Caroline Case, Lisa Schonker, Michelle Van Brussel
Costumes: Emma Zune
Assistants Costumes: Lynn Bruggeman, Nele Leloup, Nadine Scheuer
Set Photography: Liesbeth Doms, Elly Strik
Catering: Godart Bakkers, Nadia Bijl, Yirka De Brucker, Beau Delagaye, Sietske Van Aarde, Tom Van Camp
Editing: Koen Theys
Sound Mix: Koen Theys
Sound Finalization: Johan Vander Maelen
Executive producer: Sam Sterckx
Assistant: Sophie Samyn
Special Thanks: DEE Sound & Light, City of Ghent, ‘t Kuipke, Vaast Colson, Ulrike Lindmayr, Elly Strik, Guillaume Bijl, Wim Calluy, Wim Catrysse
Production: Escautville
Co-production: VAF, SMAK, , DEE, Guy and Linda Pieters

The work is based on a performance held the 29th of march 2013 at the museum for contemporary art (SMAK) in Ghent. On a rotating, circular stage, counting three floors, thirty heavy-metal rockers are laying asleep between their amplifiers, guitars and percussion instruments. They are all approximately sixty years, have fat bellies, long grey hair or Mohawk haircuts and many tattoos, rings and other rock star attributes. In spite of the colorful spotlights, the smoke and the glittering attributes,they all look bored of their own show and it is only with a huge effort that they are able to play a note on a guitar, to hit a drums, or to cite an excerpt from a famous rock song.

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