Danaë (2012)

Video Installation for 5 synchronized projectors.
12.04 min. (loop)
5 X HDV – color – silent

Concept, Realization,
Editing & Production:
Koen Theys

A large video wall shows a silent, twelve-minute composition of ‘twerking’ women, assembled by Theys from footage he found on YouTube. A visual (a)rhythmic compilation of hundreds of women, locked up in their sad rooms somewhere in universal suburbia.
Far away from the outside world, they are all performing the same ritual: Capturing their anonymous, sexually suggestive moving behinds for an invisible audience. Seducing/seduced by the light coming through their (digital) windows, displaying themselves in an imaginary romance of the tragic kind. It’s in this tragic romance Theys saw a correlation between the twerking women and the ancient Greek myth of Danaë.

After being warned by an oracle that his future grandson would kill him, King Acrisius locks his daughter Danaë up in her room to prevent her from becoming pregnant. Despite her fathers’ precautions, Danaë does give birth to a son.A son, conceived by the almighty Zeus. Breaking in through her window by appearing as a golden rain of light.

Danaë is Theys’ postindustrial version of an ancient tragedy. (Femke Van Grootel)

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