The WorldWide Web of Sorrows (2012)

Video Installation for 3 synchronized projectors.
19.12 min. (loop) 3 X PAL
– color – stereo

Concept, Realization, Editing, Production: Koen Theys
Sound finalization: Johan Vander Maelen
Co-production: Ministry of the Flemish Government

The title of this video installation refers to the origin of used images; excerpts from YouTube videos showing lonely women exposing their despair in front of a (web)cam.
Some of the women are silently sobbing, others are crying out loud. Sometimes they ask for comprehension. They cry for help, pray for salvation or even start self-mutilation. All of them are close-up, home-made registrations of dramatic despair.
Edited by analogy with the structure of a single mental breakdown, the 19-minute loop starts rather silently. Building up tension, drama and loudness, finally calming down to a state of catharsis after reaching the summit of sadness.
Each woman captured individually, however, united on the common ground of personal grief exposure, this video installation turns their private state of depression into a crowd funded mass hysteria.
(Femke Van Grootel)

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