Koen Theysland (2008)


installation view


Video installation for 1 projector
10.38 min. (loop)
HDV – color – stereo

3D-animation: E-Spaces
Editing: Koen Theys
Sound: Koen Theys
Soundmix: Johan Vander Maelen
Production & realisation: Koen Theys
Co-production: Vlaams Audiovisueel Fonds

In 2008, Koen theys was asked by CANVAS, a Belgian national TV network, if he wanted to give some excerpts of his videowork to be used as background for the logo of that network. The TV station would use these images at the beginning of their emissions, just before the 8 o’clock news. In stead of reducing some of his older work as background wallpaper for a TV station logo, he proposed this new work, in which he made a kind of logo for himself, that could conquer the logo of that network. So during a whole year excerpts of this video were shown in prime-time on the Belgian national TV.

Some people thought it was the announcement for a new talkshow by Koen Theys; others were jaleous that he was paid for having an incredible publicity during a whole year. The final version of this work is of course without the logo of that TV station.