Painting with Picasso (2003)

Video installation for 1 or 2 projectors
2.00 min. (loop)
PAL – b/w – silent

Realisation & production: Koen Theys
ssistance: Femke
Co-production: ministerie van de Vlaamse Gemeenschap

The image of Picasso, wearing only a swimsuit while painting a few masterpieces a day, became maybe the biggest myth of 20th century art. In any case a lot of photographers depicted him that way. Koen Theys rassembled different of those photographs of Picasso while he was painting, and erased the painting as well as the interior of the photo, so that only Picasso with his brush was left. With morphing-effects Picasso was brought alive again, but the paintings are gone. Only the gesture of painting is left.
The work can be projected as a single-screen, or as a double-screen with one image mirroring the other.

“… The painting to which the Spaniard seems to work on very concentrated, is even entirely invisibly. Where the brush is passed, nothing is left behind…”
Dries Vande Velde - KUNST NU

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“… The image most associated with Picasso is that of the balding artist concentrating on his painting. This image has become an accepted convention. In an absurd way, Koen Theys exposes the theatricality on which this convention is founded…”
Dries Vande Velde - presstext SMAK

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Installation view